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SteadySetDraw! is a mouse stabilization tool for Mac OS. It allows the drawing of smooth, jitter-less lines in many different art programs.

Coming very soon!


How do I set up SteadySetDraw?

-When you open the app for the first time you will be asked to give permission for the smoothing algorithm to control your mouse. Once you do this, SteadySetDraw! will begin smoothing out your drawing strokes in any program.

I opened the app, but I don't see it

SteadySetDraw runs in the background! If you need to adjust the settings, you can open the menu by clicking the app icon in your menubar in the top right of your screen.

I don't notice any difference in my mouse behavior

-The smoothing only works when you are drawing. (clicking and dragging) If the strength is too low, you can increase it by opening the SteadySetDraw! menu icon and adjusting the slider.

Can I turn the smoothing off?

Yes. You can disable smoothing with the big button in the settings menu, or when you hold down a modifier key. (shift, control, option, command, or function)

Help! I can move my mouse cursor around, but I can't click on anything!
This can happen if you revoke accessibility permission from the System Settings while the app is running. If you wish to revoke permission from SteadySetDraw! or remove it from your system, you must quit the app by opening the menu and selecting "quit". If this has happened to you, press "Command+Tab" to switch to any programs you have open with unsaved changes and use "Command+S" to save them. Then press the power button to reset your machine.

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